Superior Oblique Myokymia

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BEFORE YOU GET STARTED. You should know that this is a quiet support group. Most of our members have gone on to have successful lives, managing their SOM symptoms. Others simply do not post, but some of them visit and read, which is totally cool with us. If you need information, please start a new thread on our General Conversation Forum, and one of the regulars, those loyal folk, will shortly be along to welcome you and help as best they can. Jump right in, read and ask anything you like. WHAT IS SUPERIOR OBLIQUE MYOKYMIA? -- Superior oblique myokymia (SOM) is a neurologic disorder that affects vision. It is a problem concerning the fourth cranial nerve and its relationship to the superior oblique muscle. -- Superior oblique myokymia is a condition that presents as repeated, brief episodes of movement, shimmering or shaking of the vision of one eye, a feeling of the eye trembling, or vertical/tilted double vision. It can present as one or more of these symptoms. Diagnosis is most often made by the elimination of other conditions, disorders or diseases.
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